LOST Revisited: Season 5, Episode 16 – “The Incident”

AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! OK, I was joking when I said the season would end with a mushroom cloud. Also, let’s look at the track record of Lost season finales:

Season 2: The Hatch imploded with Locke inside! Is he all right?

Season 3: Somebody’s in a coffin! Is it Locke?

Season 4: It is Locke!!!

Season 5: By the way, he’s still dead.

The break between seasons is especially tough on Locke fans.

So, this episode was awesome. Now, due to its length and the fact that I need to sleep at some point, this will probably not be as extensive as it needs to be. That would take all night. I’m going to hit the major points and then do a follow-up when I’ve had time to gather my wits about me.

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