LOST Revisited, Season 5, Episode 6: “316” (Feb 19)

If I may lead with a bit of non-Lost related news, during this episode, I was in a stand-up contest, and I advanced to the finals. I’m both giddy and tired, so bear with me if I make a lot of mistakes.
Actually, since I’m getting started about two hours late, this will be a little shorter than usual. I’ll cover anything I missed in the next couple of days, though.
As I mentioned in the Pre-Game Report, the Biblical allusions are becoming more and more important – heck, it’s right in the title this week. “316”, besides being the new flight number, refers to John 3:16, the “For God so loved the world…” verse that people in wigs hold up at major sporting events. The Gospel of John could be a reference to John Locke, who rather than giving his Son to save humanity, gave his life to save the Island.
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