LOST Revisited: Season 5, Episode 8: “LaFleur” (Mar 5)

Remember how they promoted this episode as being all about the Kate / Sawyer reunion? It turned out to be way more interesting than that!
Before I start, spunkybuddy Larry Young dropped some knowledge on me last week that I need to share. (He actually had two good calls, one of which I’ll save for next week’s Pre-Game, since it doesn’t tie it to this week’s episode.) Back in Season Three, Kate and Sawyer were held prisoner on the Hydra Island. They were busting rocks and moving dirt, and one of their captors told them they were building “a landing strip”. You know, so Frank could land Flight 316 safely! This, of course, indicates that Benry (or somebody) knew they were going to need a landing strip. I believe we’ll have more time travel shenanigans in the near future. By the way, this would also mean that Locke and Benry are in the present on the Hydra Island. The station is deserted, the landing strip is usable. So it looks like we’ve got part of our cast in 1977 and part of them in 2008. Everybody cool with that?

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