LOST Revisited: Season 5, Episode 9: “Namaste” (Mar 19)

You know what I love? When the Pre-Game Report actually turns out to be pertinent! One of my big theories gained some serious traction at the end of the episode, so I think I’ve got some points coming! Also, we finally met a character who’s been referenced in the past, which is the kind of thing that gets me all excited.
The great thing about this episode is the way that the present day scenes take place before the present day scenes in “The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”. So that means I spent the whole episode just waiting for Benry to get beaten up so he could end up among the wounded. It’s like Chekhov’s Pistol, only with an oar!
We open on Flight 316, with Frank’s co-pilot pointing out the celebrity on the plane.

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