LOST Revisited: Season 5, “Follow the Leader”

You know, about 17 years ago, Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse created The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. It was a sci-fi western starring Bruce Campbell and was, therefore, awesome. A running subplot through the series was a mysterious orb that had various unusual properties. In one episode, Brisco was greeted by a future version of himself, who gave him some advice. In a later episode, Brisco had to go back into the past to do exactly what he’d done. Clearly, this is a gimmick that Carlton Cuse loves.
Also, this episode has the funniest scene in Lost history. You already know what that is, but we’ll get there.
The episode opens with Jack and Kate watching Faraday get shot. Jack attempts to jump into action, but gets knocked down by a young Charles Widmore.  

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