LOST Revisited: Season Five, Post-Game

Well, we’ve had a few days to process, and the Lost finale is not any less traumatizing than it was when it first aired. At least now I’ve had time to gather my thoughts to some extent, and it’s time to look at what some of that craziness all might have meant.
First off, we have to look at Jacob and anti-Jacob. I still like calling the guy from the opening of the episode “Silas”, because he was awesome on Deadwood. His official fan nickname seems to be “Loophole”, which isn’t bad. Interestingly, spunkybuddy Amy reminded me of the Biblical Jacob and his brother, Esau. See, if you think of them as Jacob and Esau, that makes their conflict a little more value-neutral. Sure, Jacob got all the ink in the Old Testament, but he was a con man, while Esau was a bit of a muttonhead. It wasn’t good vs. evil, it was sneaky guy vs. dumb jock. This is worth noting, because it’s very easy to make Silas the bad guy, but this might not be a clash of ideologies so much as a personality conflict. That said, just about everything Silas did came off as evil or creepy.

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