LOST Revisited: “The Constant” (Feb 29)

Before we get into the time-displacement goodness, I have some theories from Lost buddies. Kelli from Grand Rapids suggests that Kate is actually responsible for Claire’s (probable) death. Guilt does seem like the only thing that could actually get Kate to take responsibility for another human being. Pretty good idea, I think. Sara from Cleveland, on the other hand, has a more positive view of humanity. She suggests that most of the Lostaways may still be alive in the future, and Jack and the others are lying to protect them, possibly from the same people Benry’s going after. That’s another interesting idea – the “mistake” they refer to may have been the mistake of leaving the island, or possibly of colluding with Benry. And it does seem like making many, many people believe their loved ones are dead is the sort of thing that could weigh heavily on them.

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