LOST Revisited: “The End”

“All of this matters.” – Jack Shephard
I’m going to be honest with you here right off. I loved the finale. I think it was strong, exciting storytelling, and it hit all the emotional notes that it needed to. And even if you don’t care for the Timeline X bits, you can just watch the Island scenes and still get a quality finale.
And there’s going to be a lot to say. Since the episode was crazy long and I’m starting at 2 AM, I’m not going to be able to get to everything this time around. I’ll have to do a wrap-up next week, since I may not be at my most coherent this time around. I’m in no shape to analyze how the finale incorporated Zoroastrianism, but it certainly did. (My sister called that one a while back, and then at the end we actually have Jack in a chamber of fire and water.)
So let’s get to the recap, and I’ll say as much as I can before I lose consciousness.
The episode opens with a nice montage of various Lostaways in Timeline X and then on the Island. It’s all intercut with scenes of an Oceanic Air freight box, which we eventually see is stamped “Christian Shephard”. Oh man. Christian’s body! That’s never been found in either world! Desmond, who’s waiting outside an excessively fancy church with Kate, signs for the body and has the guy bring it around to the back. Kate also has a laugh about the man’s name being, you know, Christian Shephard. It’s been six seasons – it’s time somebody pointed that out. Desmond offers the first of many cryptic statements about Timeline X, telling Kate that “Nobody can tell you why you’re here”, and that the only thing he wants is to leave. You know, like Smokey.

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