LOST Revisted: 6-14 “The Candidate”

“What makes you think letting go is so easy?” – John Locke
I don’t even know where to begin. We all knew that there were dark times coming, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the losses of this episode. I feel absolutely gutted and I need a hug, and honestly I think I need to sit quietly for a while.
You know, I watched this episode with three friends, and we were all crying at the end. I’m seriously a wreck right now, but it’s not in a good way like it was last week. But I’m going to pull it together and write a recap, and then curl up in a little ball.
I thought it was weird that this episode opens without any “Previously on Lost…”, but I guess they’re not counting on people to start with the series now.
Can I tell you how excited I was to see Locke X alive and well? It’s been so weird, because we’ve had a whole season to think of him as the bad guy and then when you see him in the other Timeline, it’s like a breath of fresh air. He’s recovering from surgery, and Jack assures him that he “got everything back where it belongs”. And then he mentions that Locke might be a candidate for a new procedure. Yeah, a candidate. The way Locke reacts to the word is one of several indications this week that he has some awareness of the other Timeline. But Locke doesn’t want any part of it – he doesn’t want the procedure. Learning what we do in this episode, it’s worth going back to watch “The Substitute”. It isn’t a story about a man who’s afraid anymore – it’s about a man who legitimately does not want to walk and doesn’t believe for a second that he deserves to.

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