Mad Men

Mad Men Round Table: Season 2, Episode 4–“Three Sundays” (Aug 19)

MyndiFrom what I have seen in chat rooms, this episode is going to be getting some mixed reviews.  I personally enjoyed it as much as any episode so far.  Early on, I thought it was great to see the Drapers having a lazy Sunday that started off with a little nookie and wrapped up with them forgetting they hadn’t had dinner at 7:30.  It’s not often I feel any kinship to Don & Betty, but that whole section made them seem a little more normal and less like a Norman Rockwell painting.  And I include the snapping at the kids.  We’ve all been there as parents . . . you don’t have to be proud of it.  However, the later argument over Bobby playing with a robot at the table that ended in a big spill and the toy being thrown in anger by Don, well, that was more jarring.  The shoving by both Don & Betty was, too – I gasped.  And little Bobby is just a curious kid, which Betty doesn’t seem to ‘get’ for some reason.  She simply has no patience for him, which is hard to watch.

Also curious is their daughter Sally, who wants to know all about Harry’s girlfriend (who she thought was his maid…) and Joan’s rack when she gets taken into the office by Don on a Sunday.  They were there to work on the suddenly-urgent American Airlines pitch.

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