Mad Men

Mad Men Roundtable: 3rd Quarter Projections

EJ – It’s inherently difficult to try and pre-game Mad Men, because creator Matthew Weiner is more than a little stingy with the details of upcoming episodes.  It was a big deal when the new season’s promo poster was released and we all got to see… Don Draper looking out a window.  And we still stared at it and debated it.  (But, there’s a telephone on the floor next to him… what does that mean?)

I have to assume they won’t be playing fast and loose with chronology, and they’ll pick up the new season in something resembling real time.  With Bobby and Sally becoming more important, it’s going to be hard to skip ahead two years.  You can’t really put extra years on child actors.  But even if Season Four picks up a couple of months later, it’s going to be a whole different world. Betty Draper started her new life with Henry, and that’s going to be an adjustment for all of us.  And with any luck, maybe she’ll realize that her poop stinks, too.  And then there’s Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (S.C.D.P.).  We closed the season on their first day in business, the whole organization crammed into a hotel suite.  There were so many unresolved issues in that room, too.  Has working together fixed Don’s relationship with Roger Sterling?  And what of Roger and Joan?  Has anybody been pleasant to Harry Crane yet?

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