Mad Men

Mad Men Roundtable – “Chinese Wall”

MYNDI – In the past, we’ve rooted for Roger Sterling and Don Draper, even when they’ve been downright despicable. With the events that transpire in “Chinese Wall”, we’re seeing these former titans at some all time lows, and they’re making it harder than ever to stay in their corners.

Roger’s failure to disclose the fact that Lucky Strike has resigned the agency is finally coming home to roost, and his actions–a fake phone call complete with horribly melodramatic acting and a fake trip to Raleigh Durham, NC that is really Roger camped out in a midtown hotel–are downright cowardly. Then, when confronted by the partners back in the office following his “trip”, Don and Pete remind him that he had one job and he failed at it. Stung, Roger calls SCDP “amateur hour” and he and Don are at odds again, much like most of last season. Bert Cooper, who is a man of few words, but usually good ones, sums it right up, “Lee Garner Jr. never took you seriously because you never took yourself seriously.” Ain’t that the truth. In the midst of everything, Pete finds out that he has a baby girl. His response to this momentous and life-changing news? He checks his watch to insure he and Don still have the time to make the memorial service of the head account guy at the #4 agency in the hopes of poaching some business. As you do. At the memorial service, both he and Don look sort of alarmed that this man’s entire value was wrapped up in the time he spent away from his family, getting business. It’s sort of sad, and these two guys, now both dads, seem to get that.

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