Mad Men

Mad Men Roundtable: Season 2, Episode 10 – “The Inheritance” (Oct 7)

Don (not Draper)

Sometimes Mad Men is ‘smart’, but sometimes its just creepy.  And by ‘creepy’ I mean a 12-year-old boy making moves on a 30-something mother of two.  Or a confused father groping his grown daughter because she resembles her own mother.

While Atlas Shrugged is often cited as motivation for character development and story telling in this series, Sunday’s episode seemed more a telling of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. All the characters on the show seem incapable or unwilling to grow up.  Most notably, our Don Draper.  And the merry bunch of jokesters and office mates that surround him are our Lost Boys – is anyone more ‘lost’ than Pete Campbell?    Whatever the case, from Roger Sterling, to Duck, to Pete and Harry Crane, both dreading the thought of children, to Betty finding companionship in a 12-year-old, or Peggy rejecting her own child – this list gets pretty long pretty quick – we have an issue with youth and children.  Is Manhattan supposed to be Neverland?

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