Mad Men

Mad Men Roundtable Season 3, Episode 9 “Wee Small Hours”

MYNDI – This was probably the saddest, darkest episode of Mad Men ever.  Of course, the most shocking plot involved Sal, who actually did the right thing on many levels and got fired for his efforts.  He was dealing with a cranky, know-it-all client in Lee Garner, Jr., the heir to the Lucky Strike empire, who is himself a closet case, but the worst kind.  Lee is a bully; basically an overgrown child.  When he doesn’t get what he wants from Sal in the editing suite, he picks on the weak link, wimpy Harry Crane, whom he’s sure he can manipulate into getting Sal tossed.  Of course, Harry’s approach is to wish the problem away instead of being proactive, and he creates a bigger mess.

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