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Mad Men Roundtable-“Tomorrowland”


So, I was wrong when I thought the season finale would be all gloom and doom.  While it still had some rough moments, most of the characters ended the season with a smile.  I also thought that the title, “Tomorrowland” pointed to SCDP getting business with Disney (foreshadowed by the mouse in the office in “The Suitcase”).

As you may have noticed, I spend a lot of time comparing Mad Men to The Sopranos, so Season Four was very important.  After all, Season Four of Sopranos was the worst season of a generally brilliant show.  So I’ve been comparing the seasons in my head all year, and the advantage goes to Mad Men.  In fact, I think Season Four was the best season so far.  I probably need a little more time to put everything in context, but I think “The Suitcase” was the best episode ever, and there wasn’t a single episode this season that felt disposable (which has previously been the case at midseason).  This season has been so satisfying and emotionally resonant – just try and imagine binging on Season Four when the DVD’s come out.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

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