Mad Men

Mad Men Roundtable: Waldorf Stories

This episode was so much more insightful on second viewing.  There’s always so much going on in a typical Mad Men hour, so much simmering just under the impeccably groomed surface that you can’t always appreciate it all right away.  A perfect example of that has to be Peggy calling the bluff of new art director/professional b.s.-er, Stan Rizzo.  This guy does nothing around the office but show his previous work to swooning secretaries and lie on conference tables napping (no doubt telling the others that it’s just part of his creative process), while Peggy busts her butt to churn out ever-improving work.  She knows that as a woman she’s got no choice but to work twice as hard to have a shot at what most of her male counterparts can achieve by simply strutting around with the right attitude and throwing out a well placed tagline every now and then.  But we all know she’s not putting up with it.

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