Mad Men

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 8 “Souvenir”

So, we now know what Pete Campbell looks like in a polo, and that he enjoys watching Davey & Goliathwhile wolfing down cereal on a Saturday morning.  And for a split second, we feel sad for him, then impressed by his desire to help out a neighbor’s Au pair.  But, as ever, we are left sort of mortified and disgusted by Pete, who doesn’t do anything without expecting something in return.  If you’re a woman, this likely means sex.  Anything we thought Pete learned from Peggy’s admission that she had their child and gave it away; or not getting promoted to sole head of accounts; or even from his stand-out marketing campaign for Admiral that was ahead of its time; well, forget it.  In the end, Pete is a spoiled brat who takes what he wants without really asking.  He feels entitled to certain things, including Trudy.

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