The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 2: House, “Merry Little Christmas” (Dec 2)

House – “Merry Little Christmas”
Original airdate 12/12/06
This episode falls smack in the middle of a longer arc involving a police officer making a point of ruining House’s life. We House fans call this storyline “Somebody give Hugh Laurie a freaking Emmy already”.
The main plot involves House treating, Abigail, a young dwarf whose ear infection and recent lung collapse point to a larger problem. As usual, I have to take their word for all the medical jargon and assume that they are telling me the truth. Besides House flirting with the dwarf’s mother, Maddy (who is also a dwarf, which is important to the plot), we get plenty of scenes of a small child in imminent danger of dying from a mysterious disease, including bloody vomit.
A detoxing House (more on that later) argues with a little girl in the cafeteria as to whether her stuffed animal is a bear or a dog. By the way, House is totally wrong here – it’s a dog. Anyway, when he tries to explain that calling a bear a dog doesn’t make it a bear, he hits on the answer. Their diagnosis of Abigail is based on a faulty assumption.

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