The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 3 & 4: NewsRadio – “X-Mas Story” & Aqua Teen Hunger Force – “Mail Order Bride” (Dec 4)

NewsRadio – “X-Mas Story”
Original airdate 12/19/95
This enjoyable episode is all Christmas, all the time, with two holiday-themed plots. In the main story, the WNYX staff has some issues with their Christmas presents.
The whole staff chips in to buy Jimmy James a framed 1927 Yankees jersey signed by his favorite player, Joe Dugan. Not everybody really understands the gift, and Bill is notably confused by the framed shirt. Once Mr. James wraps his mind around it, he’s genuinely touched. He then gives the staff their gifts – everybody gets a cap with their name on it.
Understandably, they’re all quite underwhelmed. Especially when it turns out that the hats all come from business that Jimmy owns and he just ironed patches on over the logo. Everybody complains enough that Dave eventually comes forward to tell Mr. James about their dissatisfaction. Shortly thereafter, he returns to the station with new presents. Because Matthew likes old-time radio shows, he gets a collection of Fibber McGee and Molly. And then everybody else gets a new Miata.

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