The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 5: My Name is Earl – “White Lie Christmas”

My Name is Earl – “White Lie Christmas”
Original airdate 12/6/05
They never actually tell us in which state Camden County is located, but it is a sunny and beautiful Christmas over there.
Earl, Randy, and Catalina open the episode participating in a radio station contest. Last one with their hand on the Dodge Neon wins it. Earl is out approximately five seconds after the contest begins, so he entrusts Randy with winning the car for Joy. Seems Earl has ruined Christmas for Joy year after year, so he wants to give her the best Christmas ever and cross her off his list.
When Earl shows up at Joy’s trailer to bring Christmas gifts for Dodge and Earl Jr. (because he ruined all of their Christmases, as well), he finds Joy’s parents visiting. They don’t know that Earl and Joy are divorced, or that Joy is now married to the African-American Darnell. Joy’s father, Buzz, is a racist, so she’s afraid to tell him. They also believe that Earl is just now returning from a stint in Iraq.

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