The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

The 25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 16 – Nip/Tuck “Joy Kringle”

Nip/Tuck – “Joy Kringle”
Original airdate 12/13/05
A professional Mr. and Mrs. Claus visit the offices of McNamara/Troy – they’ve legally had their names changed to “Kringle” and everything. Since they couldn’t have children of their own, they chose to devote themselves to playing Santa every year. Mrs. Kringle just can’t lose those last 15 pounds, and she wants liposuction. See, these two are passionate in their belief that Santa not be fat, since that sends the wrong message to children. They envision Santa as “trim, tight, and maybe just a little bit sexy”.
During the operation, they discover a calcified fetus inside Mrs. Kringle, the result of a one-time affair long ago. Meanwhile, Sean’s estranged wife Julia turns out to be pregnant. There’s some question of parentage in both cases. In Julia’s case, Sean and Christian are overjoyed to discover that their former partner Quentin is not the father. (Of course, since we’ll learn in just a few episodes that Quentin was born without a penis, but that’s another story. One we probably needn’t address again.)

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