The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

The 25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 21 – 30 Rock “Ludachristmas”

30 Rock – “Ludachristmas”
Original airdate 12/13/07
This episode is pretty great. In fact, picking up a season or two of 30 Rock on DVD would make a great Christmas present to yourself.
As the episode opens, Liz Lemon is very excited about her family’s Christmas visit. (Including her brother, who suffered a head injury from a 1985 skiing accident. As a result, every day his memory resets to December 6, 1985, the day before the accident. He has no idea that he’s 40 years old.) Jack Donaghy is much less excited about his mother’s presence. In fact, when he meets the lemons, he’s legitimately perplexed by them. The idea of a supportive family is confusing and baffling to him.

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