The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

The 25 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day 7 – Scrubs “My Own Personal Jesus”

Scrubs – “My Own Personal Jesus
Original airdate 12/11/01
The episode begins with JD standing under the mistletoe waiting for Nurse Tisdale to come by. This naturally ends with JD inadvertently offending Janitor. (Who, at this point in the series, was a figment of JD’s imagination. Not that they ever came out and said it, but the producers admitted to it later.)
In the Free Clinic, Elliot gets a patient who’s at least eight months pregnant. Dr. Cox asks JD to videotape the birth of a friend’s baby. Then, the sudden awakening of a coma patient convinces Turk that it was a Christmas miracle. Boy, early episode of Scrubs really fr ontloaded their plotlines, didn’t they?

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