The 12 Days of Christmas Episodes

View-Do List (Dec 15-21): “On the Twelfth Day of Schedule”

Hi all!  The schedule is light this week, as everybody’s taking it easy for the holidays. If you find yourself stuck for things to do, you might want to check out “The 25 Days of Christmas Episodes”. This week brings us Batman, Larry David, the Venture Brothers, and more. It’s a feast for all your senses! Or at least the senses that you would use to read something on a website.
And what’s that? Is there a new Muppets special this week? Christmas, you have officially begun!  Here’s what you’ll be watching this week!
8-9 CHUCK – In a Christmas episode, an amateur criminal holds Chuck’s family and the Buy More staff hostage. Holding both John Casey and Captain Awesome hostage? Good luck with that, dude.
9-10 HEROES – It’s the Villains finale! Sylar takes hostages, Matt tries to rescue Hiro from the past, and Nathan makes a move that has global repercussions. I think we can agree that it should be pretty sweet.

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