The Best Shows on TV

The Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Catch You On the Flippity-Flip”

On this particular Friday, we’re feeling a bit out of sorts.  After all, Michael Scott just left Dunder Mifflin.  We’re not crying, exactly.  But, you know, maybe something got in our eye.  Like tears, maybe.

Still, we’re going to pull it together for our weekly look at the best TV shows on TV.  We’re lining up the best television shows we saw this week, and taking a look at the moments of joy that they contained.  Or the parts that made us cry.  We’ve very sensitive like that.  And while the big news this week is Steve Carell’s last episode of The Office, there was really a lot going on all around the dial.  Treme returned, Sam Axe fell, Community’s Shirley had her baby, the Pledge of Allegiance was mangled, and Leslie Knope was empowered by an unlikely source.  Yeah, it was a good week.

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