Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. – “Ice Station Impossible”

Hey all!  If you’re like me, you like The Venture Bros. a whole bunch.  So before we get into the recap, let me report some news.  First off, the Season Four, Volume Two DVD is out this week.  And this means new commentary tracks!  It’s entirely possible that the finale, “Operation P.R.O.M.” is my favorite episode, but now I can review it at my leisure.  Go buy some DVDs!

Also, Jackson Publick announced that Adult Swim has committed to two more seasons of Venture.  Huzzah!  When the Season Four finale aired, Jackson and Doc didn’t know for sure that the show would be back, so it’s been a worrisome couple of months.  Also, there’s a special (60 to 90 minutes) in production, which may air on TV or as a direct-to-DVD feature.  Finally, there’s a new 11-minute short set to air this summer, to help tide us over until Season Five.  It’s a good day for Team Venture!

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