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Big Brother 10: Nominations and POV, Week 8 (Sep 3)


First, we are forced to reflect on Michelle’s leaving, and allowed to chuckle at Ollie saying he will “avenge” her.  I think avenging usually takes awhile, and time is not on Ollie’s side, is it?  Then, we get another crack at the HOH comp where it came down to Keesha, Jerry and Math. Much to Memphis’ surprise (his expressions as he waits for the results are hilarious) Keesha is as good at the problem as she has to be, which is better than Jerry.  We then have to relive the POV, and Dan reminds us that his old, “oh, how I suck at everything” strategy is kind of out the window at this point, what with all the winning.  He and Memphis shoot finger guns at each other while Ollie boo-hoos in the bedroom.  After surviving Ollie’s hasty eviction, we again see Jerry implore the others to just talk to him during the next week.  They’re all too busy celebrating final four prematurely to acknowledge him.

There is an odd segment where Renny, Dan and Memphis discuss the fact that it’s 8pm, PST and that makes it 10pm in New Orleans.  Renny loudly insists that it’s 6pm in her town several times before finally realizing she’s got it backwards.  She feels like a dink.  Well, there’s several minutes I’ll never get back.  Here are a few more:  When Keesha laughs it sounds like a dolphin and a hyena are mating.  It’s really annoying.  Jerry tries to imitate it in the DR and sounds a lot like Muttley, the dog from that Penelope Pitstop cartoon.  This is what happens when we get down to the nitty gritty, people.  Gut check time!

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