Big Brother

Big Brother 12: Nominations and POV, Week 1

Brendon goes to Hayden once more to see if he’s looking for an alliance with the dude he’s trying to kick out. Hayden doesn’t go for it, and Brendon tells him that he’s dumb. I don’t think Brendon is very good at this game.

And now, the POV. There are piñatas hanging from clotheslines all across the backyard. It’s “Cinco de Mayo”, only “Mayo” is pronounced like “Mayonnaise”. Yeah, that doesn’t work in print. The piñatas are full of mayonnaise, and also have letters in them. They have to try and spell the longest word with the letters they find. Oh, dude. Remember Jeff spelling “Technotronics” last year? That was awesome. Please have somebody turn out to be half that cool…

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