Big Brother

Big Brother 12: Nominations and POV, Week 1

Later, Lane tells Hayden that Rachel should go home over Annie, and that maybe Kathy should go up. Hayden’s got that thing where he automatically agrees with the last person he talked to.

Another Saboteur video! The Saboteur announces that two people in the house are actually lifelong friends, and it’s easy to figure out if they think about it. Brendon says the Saboteur is probably lying so they shouldn’t bother trying to figure it out. And that, of course, looks suspicious. Andrew thinks Matt and Ragan are gay lovers. Oh, Andrew then announces that none of them could be his friends because none of them know anything about Judaism. There are a bunch of things wrong with that argument. Is he only friends with Jewish people? I mean, I’m friends with people who don’t care about Batman or share my religious faith. And how would any of the houseguests know whether somebody else in the house knew anything about Judaism anyway? Was there a quiz? Andrew’s being all weird here, especially because he thinks this confirms that he’s not the Saboteur, either. “None of you are Jewish, therefore we aren’t friends and I’m not the Saboteur!” That is literally his train of logic.

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