Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “Lisa Has Breast Implants”

Back at Backbone, a succession of people freak out over seeing Meat Loaf.  One young woman openly weeps.  As established, I like Meat Loaf a lot more than I probably should, but even I think that’s pushing it.  He’s very nice about it and hugs people and gets teary.  You know, if you were to ask me what percentage of the day Meat Loaf spends fighting back tears, I would probably guess 35, maybe 40%.  It just seems like that’s kind of his thing.  Richard calls in some reality show people, including Heidi from the first Apprentice, who’s taking time away from her busy schedule of luring children into her candy house.  Ethan and Jenna from Survivor show up together, which does not hurt my theory that the various Survivor casts spend all their time hanging out.  Two notable things here – first, Richard’s charity seems to be something where soccer stars teach kids about AIDS.  But who teaches them about soccer?  Second, every time Richard announces a big donation, he follows it up with “yes we do”, which irritates the living crap out of me.  “We’ve got a thousand dollar slice, yes we do!” (For the record, Ethan and Jenna have been dating for years.  But it does not negate your theory.  I’ve read way too many things about former reality stars hanging out in packs.  This is how Mike Boogie is able to earn a living, because those are the only people willing to patronize his establishments.–Myndi)

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