Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “Lisa Has Breast Implants”

And here’s where David seals his fate.  Trump asks if he took a lot of breaks, and he says no.  Then he looks at Jose and says “Did I?”  Ivanka notices and wonders why he’s deferring to Jose.  David scolds Richard for being rude, which is not helping his “I’m not delicate” stance.  He mounts the pissiest defense ever, and then looks to Jose again to back him up.  Trump calls him out on it.  He then claims his instincts are always right, which is the best joke of the show.  Trump continues to say that Jose and Richard have spirit, and he respects David but he’s fired.  Jose lifts him out of his booster seat, and they file out of the Boardroom.

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