Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Season 12–Performance, Week 6

Ralph & Karina (24/30)--Karina worked “Wax on, Wax off” into the paso!  Plus, it was kind of cool watching her figure out how to do that during rehearsal.  It was set to C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now”, and it was sort of intense.  Especially when Karina tripped over Ralph’s matador coat mid-routine.  She seemed more than a little flustered, but Ralph managed to actually lead his partner and bring her back into the dance. All the judges are very congratulatory about how the pair recovered from the incident, and I’m sure if it had been done without a fall it would have been pretty triumphant.  Ralph still had the occasional pancake hand, but, as usual, his portrayal of the character gave it another layer.  And his gentlemanly handling of the situation will score him major viewer brownie points.  Even if stupid Brooke callously cut off Karina’s effusive thank you to her partner.

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  1. Guilty pleasures only works for you if you did, in fact, feel guilty about any of it.

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