Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Season 12–Performance, Week 6

Chris & Cheryl (22/30)--Did you know Chris is the leader singer of a heavy metal band called Fozzy and they’ve been together since 1999? (Looks like they’re huge in Germany!)  I had no idea.  Their tango to “Don’t Stop Believin’” started out on a bus bench, but moved quickly to the floor.  This was a weird song to tango to. It’s not bad overall, but Chris looked sort of miserable. It wasn’t terribly exciting.  Bruno said Chris lost his timing a lot and the dance was “lumpy”.   Carrie Ann said she feels like the pressure got to him and it was not exciting at all (That’s what I said!).  Len agreed the technique was sound, but it lacked intensity.  He did say they did very well overall.  Chris was very diplomatic when Brooke inevitably asked how he felt, and hopefully he’ll get some votes out of it.  The judges never really cut Chris any slack, do they?  I mean, Ralph and Kirstie have now both suffered major mishaps and scored higher than this dance did, simply for being boring.  I will be pissed if Kendra outlasts Chris, people!

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  1. Guilty pleasures only works for you if you did, in fact, feel guilty about any of it.

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