EJ’s Top 20 of 2010 – Part One

And that brings us to the first installment of the Top 20!

20.  It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSo here’s why I loved this season.  The season premiere had Dennis make a reference to Lethal Weapon 5, the movie that he made with Mac.  He mentioned that they switched roles halfway through and that he questioned Mac’s use of blackface to play Murtaugh.  That was funny.  And then later in the season, we actually got to see their movie, and it was amazing.  It even spurred a debate as to the least offensive way to perform in blackface.  Six seasons in and Sunny is still consistently funny and shocking, and the characters feel like old friends.  But friends we don’t actually want to see that often, because they’re kind of awful people.  They gave us one of the best childbirth episodes in recent memory, with a pretty surprising twist.  Charlie’s brief run as a school janitor was great, especially when he tried mentoring a juggalo.  And, you know, we kind of have to put it on the list.  Because of the implications…

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