EJ’s Top 20 of 2010 – Part One

16.  Terriers – Honestly, if the show had been picked up for another season, it would have placed higher on the list.  My irritation at FX for their misbegotten marketing campaign makes it hard for me to praise them too much.  Spunkybuddy Larry Young called it “The Big Lebowski by way of The Shield”, which is a perfect description.  What seemed like it was going to be a quirky drama about a couple of underachieving private detectives turned out to be one of the year’s best character dramas.  Yes, there was the ongoing arc about the Ocean Beach land, but the real meat of the show was Britt’s relationship drama and Hank’s struggle to stay sober.  It was a show about two well-meaning guys who were in way over their heads.  It was a show with a seamy underbelly and a giant heart, and it’s a crying shame that there’s no second season of Terriers coming.  Mark my words, if there’s any justice in this world, Donal Logue will end up with an Emmy nomination.  Thus, if he’s not nominated, you are free to loot and riot.

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