EJ’s Top 20 of 2010 – Part One

19.  The Office – I’m not even going to pretend that 2010 was Dunder Mifflin’s best year.  I think maybe they’ve had a hard time figuring out what the show is about these days.  For years, their personal lives only trickled in occasionally, and it was always surprising (and often disturbing) when it did.  With Jim and Pam getting married and having a baby, their relationship has too often been the focus, which is awkward in a workplace comedy.  Uneven but still funny, The Office might even be poised for a comeback – bringing in Timothy Olyphant as a traveling salesman and Jack Coleman as Angela’s probably gay state senator boyfriend were a couple of excellent choices.  And even in a weak episode, they still pull off some brilliant character moments.  With Michael Scott’s exit imminent, and with the Andy/Erin/Gabe triangle simmering in the background, greatness is just around the corner.  And there will never be a time when Dwight Schrute isn’t funny.

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