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spunky Forum: How to Fix NBC


Putting CBS aside, since they seem to thrive on the “geezer” audience, you can definitely point to turning points for both ABC and FOX that took them from the bottom to the top.  it’s all about not sitting back on cruise control once you’ve got a hit and not developing anything for when said hit inevitably cools off.
ABC did not do that when Millionaire was water-cooler back around 2000, and they took several more years to progress to where they are today.  If NBC is smart (of which I am not certain), they’re taking this time while Jay Leno hogs up 5 hours of prime for next to no out-of-pocket and developing some kick-ass shows.  They’ve got the critical faves and one solid reality franchise (Biggest Loser), so now they need some big, mainstream hits.  Like Heroes was supposed to be for them.
And since I’m on the topic, have y’all been watching SNL regularly this season?  I would say there have been some pretty funny bits mixed in with the average and below average shows (Hi, January Jones!) but what I truly don’t get is why am I always seeing the sure fire hit sketches at the 12:45 mark?  They’re putting things with either recurring characters (Mark Wahlberg talks to animals, Vincent Price) or pop culture hot topics (the Twilight sketch in Lautner’s ep was at least halfway through!) so late into the show that they’re not going to hook anybody who’s on the fence about sticking through 90 minutes.  It just seems very odd.  I’m all for them doing wacky sketches that may or may not be for everyone.  That’s the beauty of the artform.  But if you don’t reel ’em in, no one’s going to be there to watch!

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