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spunky Forum: How to Fix NBC


One thing I don’t think has occurred to NBC is that there’s no repeat value in Leno.  They’re not going to syndicate the show, there won’t be DVD’s.  It’s a one-time revenue stream.  You put Law & Order there, TNT is buying up the episodes as soon as you can air them – it’s instantly syndicated.  I don’t have access to the numbers, but it seems like a show with a loyal cult following could be a lot more profitable than a mid-level hit.  I will guarantee that they sell more DVD sets of Chuck than they do of ER.  I think that’s going to start being a factor – it’s interesting that Glee and FlashForward are both releasing half-season DVD sets before the season is over – both to keep the show on the radar and to (theoretically) let new viewers catch up.  The season set is not a valid consideration for programming choices.
You know, it shouldn’t be hard to create a sci-fi cop show – House is really just a cop show, only the perps are viruses.  There has to be a way to apply the procedural formula to a fantastic setting.  Come to think of it, a big hunk of Battlestar Galactica is really “West Wing in space”, and that did pretty well…

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