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spunky Forum: How to Fix NBC


So how are you feeling about Jay getting cancelled at 10 and getting a half hour at 11:35?  Since I was pretty sure Conan was about to get canned, I consider moving back half an hour to be a step up.  Plus, you know I want Leno out of that 10 PM slot, so he can stop poisoning Conan’s ratings.  Still, I think this looks desperate – it indicates a lack of faith in both guys and makes NBC look schizophrenic.
Of course, the plus is that this might help Conan, since people aren’t going to switch to Letterman mid-show (Hey, I missed all the funny stuff, but I can still see the second guest and the musical act!).  Still, man, Leno is an unbelieveable dick.  He’s been really unprofessional this whole time.  I wasn’t a fan to begin with, but now I just really dislike him as a person.

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