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spunky Forum: How to Fix NBC


Don’t you think sticking him back in that 11:35 slot still gives him the chance to dilute Conan?  He can still poach guests and just generally cause tune out by people who have rediscovered Dave and settled in with CBS?  And what about poor Jimmy Fallon?  I feel like the guy’s been making a very valiant effort at 12:30 to make the thing his own and give it a unique feel and now he’ll get bumped even later for his trouble.  I mean, I’ve only ever heard that Jay is actually a nice guy, but it sure doesn’t feel like it anymore.  I really don’t understand who’s making these dumbass decisions!  Wouldn’t they be better off cutting Jay down–at least at first–to 3 nights a week and working in 2 new shows?  Instead their going to yank him altogether and run frickin’ L&O and Datelines?  Stupid.  Oh, wait, apparently they’re also going to start airing Friday Night Lights a few months earlier than planned.  I guess that’s a good idea, but they still probably won’t put it on Friday where it should have been all along.  You think they feel a little bit regretful about pulling Southland after they renewed it and started production of the second season?  Or pulling Life, which had a decent following and was just finding its footing?  Of course not, because they’re morons.

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