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EJ’s Top 15

It’s hard for me to lump all my stimuli into a single list.  Is a good book better than a good movie?  Is a song better than a TV show?  Are bears better than cheese?  I don’t have the ability to toss everything I’ve seen, read, or heard this year […]


Lost Season Three (dvd)

Before you even remove the wrapper, the actual box for Lost Season Three is already great.On the edge of the front cover is the scrawled phrase “Jacob Loves You”, which is both creepy and kind of funny.On the spine is a previously unseen Dharma logo.It shows what appears to be […]

View-Do Lists

View-Do List: A Fistful of Schedule

It’s Monday morning. Have you thought about what you’ll be watching this week?  Worry not.  EJ’s on the case. It’s another light schedule, between the traditional holiday lag and the Writer’s Strike (if you like bad news, click the link to Sunday’s strike headline).So obviously, this is an awesome time […]

Movie Reviews

Juno (movie)

I can’t exactly be objective with Juno, as the cast includes Sydney Bristow, Dwight Schrute, two Bluths, and Vern Schillinger. Also, it was written by a stripper. I don’t know what more you could ask for from a movie. (Historical sidenote: Academy Award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne worked as an exotic […]