Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Performance Week 3

So here’s our night of dancing, arranged by score for your convenience.

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani (25/30) – They’re doing a Waltz, and their story is that Tony is a Marine who’s come back from the war. She’s worried that she’s going to have to “dig deep”. You know, I’ve never seen her show, so I only have this to go by. I like her. She seems like good people. Audrina looks wistfully at a picture of Tony before he emerges from the fog machine. That’s kind of the extent of the story, but it’s a really beautiful waltz. There’s not much you can say about it, because a Waltz isn’t flashy – it’s well-executed, though. Bruno calls it compelling and touching and even uses the phrase “emotional journey”, because this is The Bachelor all of a sudden. Carrie Ann says it was beautiful but she needs to point her toes more. Len says it was the most touching dance of the night. She gets a 25, which includes the first two 9’s of the season. And then there’s a clip of Tony getting his legs waxed after losing the bet last week. Hee.

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