Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Performance Week 3

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke – In their story, Rick cost his team the game and he went to a bar alone. Cheryl keeps telling Rick he needs to be sexier, and he jokes about that. He also thinks that Cheryl is dumbing it down for him, which usually is not Cheryl’s problem. You’ll learn it the way she designed it, or she’ll hit you. (I love Cheryl, but I think she’s kind of intense with her partners. I feel like I’d be afraid of her in real life.) Rick’s sitting at a bar, which is a pretty impressive prop for them to set up during the break. Cheryl dances atop the bar, and lures him over. At first, they’re actually in hold while he’s standing on the floor and she’s on the bar. I like Rick, but I don’t think this is his best showing – he’s a little stiff and Cheryl is really driving the dance. He also takes off his shirt, which is a real “look at something beside my feet” move. But then there’s a bit where his hip action is really good, and I’m all confused now. I think it turned out to be really good – better at the end than at the beginning, especially. All three judges liked it without really saying much – they know we’re in a time crunch. He pulls a 24 for a strong showing.

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