Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Performance Week 3

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya (23/30) – Hey, they brought a frying pan to show that Kurt’s hands really are that big. Damn, dude’s got big hands. Their dance is about a bad day, and Anna suggests that she be the one having the bad day, since she’s a “depressed, negative Russian”. Hee. In order to teach Kurt to be delicate, Anna has him have a tea party with his daughters, complete with a tiara. The guy’s got a sense of humor, you have to give him that. Anna comes out of a red phone booth, and it appears to be raining on stage. Kurt shows up with an umbrella to cheer her up. She sheds her overcoat to reveal a pretty, flowy dress. They actually wash out the colors right up to this point, which is kind of cool. They dismiss the “story” part pretty quickly, though the way Kurt is beaming and making demonstrative hand movements at least pays lip service to the premise. It’s not as good as last week’s, but there certainly wasn’t anything wrong with it – it was a good dance, and the guy is starting to move around the floor really well. Carrie Ann loves his charm and the holds – she loved the whole thing. Len thought he lacked musicality in his arms, but he says it was fantastic. Bruno thinks he almost dropped Anna, which makes Anna bite the petals off the flower she’s holding. (Love her so much!) They get their best score yet with a 23.

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