Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars – Season 11, Performance Week 3

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (24/30) – Jennifer is dressed like a teacher in a rock video, complete with a ruler. They’re doing a Samba, and yes, Jennifer is playing his teacher. They have difficulty with something called a Samba Roll, which is as close to drama as they get. Man, Derek lucks out with partners. They’re either really good, really low-maintenance, or both. As the dance starts, she’s at a chalkboard, and he’s sitting at a desk. She raps his knuckles, and then it’s off to the Samba. The story’s really inappropriate if you think about it, so don’t. This is actually not my favorite of her dances, but she’s still way ahead of what you’d expect on Week Three. As always with them, it’s high-energy and fun. A beaming Len thought the choreography was clever, but there was a “twiddly bit”. Bruno calls her a cougar and points out a misstep but calls it “great”. Carrie Ann thinks they were out of sync, but she liked the story. They get their third 24 of the season.

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