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Dancing with the Stars Season Twelve – Week 4 Results

Previously on Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley lost a shoe, Mark Ballas danced in the Sorting Hat, Len and Bruno nearly came to blows, Kendra Wilkinson associated everything Italy-related with the Mafia, and Karina may or may not have had a nip slip.  All this, and the world’s fastest violinist.

Speaking of, he’s back tonight and he’s performing Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”, which is not only awesome, but may also be a little acknowledgment that Dancing is back to beating American Idol, now featuring the Ghost of Steven Tyler, in the ratings.  (I stole that joke from Paul F. Tompkins.  Don’t sue me.)  Anyway, this incongruous musical number is supported with a performance from the Dancing B-Team.  They are seriously not going to let up with this bunch.  I almost feel as if I should just like them so Tom and Brooke can stop forcing them down my throat.  They actually seem a little anxious about the whole thing, and I wouldn’t mind reducing their stress levels.  I mean, they have to bring a live show on time twice a week.  A show in which Bruno gets to talk.  I feel like Tom loses a lot of sleep this time of year.

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  2. Don Kowalewski

    “Russian people will be performing to a song about America before being judged by a British man and a crazy Italian guy. It really is a melting pot!” …freegin’ brilliant.

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