Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season Twelve – Week 4 Results

There’s a bit where Len dresses like Patton and stands in front of a giant flag and addresses the stars, who are dressed in basic training outfits.  I know that’s not what they’re called, but Googling “Those clothes – you know what I mean” doesn’t provide much help.  I like Len yelling at people, but this goes on a bit too long.

We’ve got a musical performance from Jennifer Hudson, who was on American Idol and appeared in the Sex in the City movie.  So, the two areas of pop culture about which I am the most ignorant.  She’s got a heck of a voice, but I do not care for this song.  It’s the opposite of catchy.  I am glad when it’s over, and poor J. Hud has confetti stuck to her face when the song is over. 

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  2. Don Kowalewski

    “Russian people will be performing to a song about America before being judged by a British man and a crazy Italian guy. It really is a melting pot!” …freegin’ brilliant.

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