Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season Twelve – Week 4 Results

I am not in the unfortunate position of hoping that the very nice and perfectly lovely Petra Nemcova is to be rejected by the American public.  Sorry, Petra!

OK.  We can get through this.  Deep breath.  Are you ready?  It’s results time.  Petra and Dmitry are safe.  Which is nice for them, but I think that pretty much seals the deal for Sugar Ray and Anna.  After a seemingly eternal pause, Tom Bergeron breaks the bad news.  Sugar Ray and Anna are eliminated.  NO!  I refuse to accept these results!  I’ll take it to the highest court in the land!

Oh, wait.  Sugar Ray is being totally classy and cool about it.  Man, I like him.  It’s very weird, because the cast doesn’t mob them at their last dance like usual, but Karina is openly weeping.  Awww.  I am not going to do well with losing Anna so early in the season.

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  2. Don Kowalewski

    “Russian people will be performing to a song about America before being judged by a British man and a crazy Italian guy. It really is a melting pot!” …freegin’ brilliant.

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