Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars Season Twelve – Week 4 Results

In the season’s first Macy’s Stars of Dance performance, principal dancers from three different ballet companies perform a piece from “Swan Lake”.  I’m not really qualified to talk about ballet, but I feel like I am more cultured as a result of having seen it.  Another couple of these performances, and I’ll be a real grown-up.  And then I’ll have to go eat fiber and watch The Mentalist.

Brooke butchers the pronunciation of “incomparable” in introducing Jennifer Hudson’s second performance.  This one’s a much better song, but it incorporates an echo effect that means this song is dead to me.  Just let the woman sing!  She’s good at it! 

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  2. Don Kowalewski

    “Russian people will be performing to a song about America before being judged by a British man and a crazy Italian guy. It really is a melting pot!” …freegin’ brilliant.

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