Amazing Race

Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 3 – “Mental Mistakes Trip Up Another Team”, Part 1 – The Mark & Bill Interview

Just before The Amazing Race 13 began, Don, EJ and Myndi sat down with this season’s “Team Adorkable” (According to TV Guide!), best friends Mark and Bill.  We wanted to learn more about this team; find out what makes them tick.  We tried to get as much race scoop as we could, but since they’ve signed their lives away to CBS, they couldn’t tell us too much about the inner workings of show itself.  Thank goodness they’re both pretty interesting, funny guys all on their own!

Each of us superfans took turns asking questions, and of course, Don and EJ had to bring up their plans for someday getting on the show.  They’ll never give up on the dream!!

DON:  Did you apply to the race as ‘loveable geeks’, or did CBS assign you your ‘niche?’

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